Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish for your creativity?

Ah, what don’t I wish? I wish for inspiration, venues, and the energy to make beautiful things. I wish for a community of peers, playful, loving, brilliant people, to play with and make things with. I wish for audiences, for for appreciation, I wish, oh how I wish to know my life has value, meaning, to feel satisfaction in art well created. I wish for  the tools, the chops, the physical resources to serve the expression of my soul. I wish to create beautiful, meaningful art, to enjoy it, to appreciate myself, and to be appreciated.  And I wish to make great money doing fun, creative things that make the world a better place.


Inside me blooms something new


Inside me blooms something new–

Or was it always there,

A small, small, hard-coated seed?

Softening, it called me across the empty desert.

Root, leaf, and stem, it brought me

To this radiant oasis.


I become

My true self–

Fragrant, brilliant, beautiful.